Onyx Earrings to Create Magic in Outfit

Gemstones are associated with special powers. Apart from their luxurious appearance, precious gemstones play an active part in bringing several positive attributes to their wearer. Over a long time, these gems have been well-known to bring happiness, glory, love, and healing powers to humanity. Each gem is linked with separate months and zodiac signs; wearing their specific gem helps people be grounded and protected.

Onyx is one of the finest gemstones that is connected with a number of properties. In addition to its lustrous appearance, onyx signifies material success, growth, and abundance. Furthermore, this precious stone helps you get relief from negative emotions of worries, fears, tension, and stress. Onyx is also recognized as a symbol of purity and restfulness worldwide.

Onyx Earrings at the Ilaya Shop

Ilaya is one of the fashion jewelry stores in the US that focuses on selling handmade gemstone jewelry. The finest earrings at the Ilaya store are meticulously designed with gems and pearls. Moreover, Indian artisans have handcrafted these earrings on 22ct gold-plated brass to let you show off your true beauty.

Let’s have a look at a few of the remarkable pieces of onyx earrings at the Ilaya shop:

Carlota Grey Onyx Stud Earrings

In order to keep your casual events alive, gemstone stud earrings are the prime pick. Studs are the perfect go-to choice for workwear jewelry and accessorizing your daily apparel. Carlota grey onyx studs are one of the most popular gem earrings kept at the Ilaya store. The earrings feature an aesthetic sun shape with spikes. The grey onyx gem in the center of the earring will reflect your personality and match your daily outfit.

Olivia Green Quartz Stud Earrings

Modest and straightforward stud earrings bring out all the necessary attention to your apparel. If you want something more creative with a touch of simplicity, go for Olivia green quartz stud earrings. These stud earrings are the flawless mixture to go equally well for formal and casual events. Olivia earrings feature a leaf design shape artistically designed with different shades of green onyx and lemon quartz.

Lucrecia Green Onyx Dangle Earrings

For the purpose of creating a magical sensation with your jewelry, dangles look fabulously attractive. If you want the earring to swing down the earlobe, have a go at Lucrecia onyx earrings, which are available in green and black colors. These dangles feature green onyx freshwater baroque pearls and acrylic pearls. Furthermore, these gem dangles are the creative statement of revealing your own style.

Ilaya is one the gemstone jewelry shops in the United States that presents a comprehensive range of designer costume jewelry at extremely affordable rates. Shop the best onyx earrings from the Ilaya jewelry store and create magic in your formal and casual ensembles.