Meaningful Gemstones

It is believed that Astrology and gemstones are very much related. Wearing gemstones help in diminishing the inauspicious effect of the planets. To determine the gemstone, it is very important to examine the position of the planet every month and the person’s horoscope. People usually tend to wear gemstones assigned to them as a statement of fashion. Let’s learn about the gemstones which are most commonly used among people in the form of jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli: A self grooming gemstone as its special traits include flourishing a person’s personality in the form of self encouraging nature, self awareness, self confidence, morality and compassion. This gemstone usually gets recommended to the sagittarius sign and is also known for bringing fortune to the person. 

Romina Lapis Lazuli Hoop Earrings:

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Onyx: There are many kinds of Onyx stones like green, red, black etc. onyx stones are considered to be spiritual stones and help you overcome problems like insomnia, riddance from stress and neurological disorders too. Onyx also helps you to meet your inner self, and get wiser.

Victoria Earrings:

The Victoria Stud Earrings are handcrafted in India. Featuring 22ct gold-plated 

brass, freshwater baroque pearls, red or green onyx and acrylic pearls. To get Victoria’s Earring you can visit Ilaya and buy the best designer jewelry available online in the US. 


Labradorite: The labradorite gemstone works as an adrenaline for one being. As it's mostly prescribed for those who overwork, This shows how much of a spiritual stone this is. Labradorite is also one of the most potent shields in the metaphysical world. 

Agatha Earrings:

The Agatha Earrings feature perfectly carved labradorite stones delicately combined with a freshwater pearl and acrylic pearl beads. Handmade in India using 22ct gold-plated brass. You can get the Agatha’s and many other more brilliant gemstone designer jewelry online by visiting Ilaya.


Amethyst: The amethyst gemstone is considered to be the healing gemstone. They are usually referred to february born and the aquarius sign. Amethyst helps in reducing headaches, improving skin appearance and other hormonal issues.

Teresa Earrings:

The Teresa Stud Earrings feature large purple amethyst stones and mother-of-pearl stones. Handmade in India using 22ct gold-plated brass. You can order the best fashion jewellery online by visiting Ilaya.


Citrine: A gemstone linked with positivity and optimism. A cheerful gemstone just like its color. A gemstone which negates negativity and also  helps to waken and enlighten the soul.

Cosette Orange Citrine Stud Earrings:

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