Enhance Your Elegance: A Guide to Selecting Jewelry Based on Face Shape


Choosing the right jewelry is an art that involves considering various factors such as face shape, skin tone, hairstyle, dress, and the occasion. This careful selection not only complements your overall look but also adds a personalized touch to your style. Ilaya, an online jewelry shop in the US, offers a diverse collection of statement earrings crafted by Indian artisans on 22ct gold-plated brass, ensuring top-notch quality at affordable rates.

Ilaya's Exclusive Collection:

The statement earrings available at Ilaya are carefully handcrafted, making them a unique addition to any jewelry collection. The shop takes pride in featuring the finest gemstone earrings and pearl earrings in the US, designed to suit every face type. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in choosing the perfect jewelry based on your face shape.

Guide: How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape:

  1. Oval Face: The Universal Canvas
    An oval face is considered the most versatile, making almost every kind of jewelry a suitable choice. For an added charm, pearl earrings are particularly delightful. The Mariana baroque pearl earrings, designed in a sun shape with a dazzling center of baroque pearls, serve as an exquisite choice for oval faces.

  2. Round FaceL Accentuating Grace
    Characterized by a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones, a round face benefits from dangling or teardrop earrings. The Olivia green quartz stud earrings, featuring green onyx and lemon quartz, not only add vibrancy to any outfit but also accentuate the elegance of a round face.


  3. Square Face: Embracing Symmetry
    A square face, with its equal width of forehead, cheeks, and jaws, finds its perfect match in oversized hoops and round earrings. Hoop earrings make a bold statement and enhance the beauty of square-faced individuals.

  4. Triangular Face: Elongating Elegance

    With a narrow forehead and wider jawline, a triangular face benefits from long and slim earrings. The Corina baroque pearl dangle earrings, featuring raw natural baroque pearls, serve as beautiful vintage statements that draw attention to the face and highlight its natural beauty.



As one of the best jewelry shops in the US, Ilaya offers a wide range of online jewelry at reasonable rates. The variety of earrings available caters to all face types, ensuring that you can find the best designer jewelry to enhance your unique beauty. Explore the collection at Ilaya shop, and let your jewelry become an expression of your elegance and individuality.