Differences Between Freshwater Pearls and Baroque Pearls

We all love pearls. Don’t we? Especially when it comes to women, they love pearl embedded jewelry. The flawless and rounded shaped pearls seem fascinating to the eyes but the baroque pearls are considered to be the gem of the sea. Baroque pearls have an irregular shape and an uneven surface. Do you want to know the difference between freshwater pearls and baroque pearls? Here is all about the imperfectly perfect baroque pearls.

Baroque Pearls

The word "baroque" originated from a Portuguese word used for "imperfect", elaborating a gem of irregular shape. Baroque pearls are known to add a stunning look to your jewelry. These valuable pearls have a dozen different shapes.

Freshwater Pearls 

Freshwater pearls were used in jewelry as early as 420 BC. However, their shape, size and luster improved by the time. Now there are many types and shapes of pearls. A pearl is a perfectly symmetrical and rounded gem obtained from freshwater mussel and marine oysters. But due to getting stuck in muscular tissue, the pearl deforms and here baroque pearls are formed which are neither perfectly rounded nor even in shape.

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